Keep SOARing to the top! 96% is our attendance goal! In order to learn you must be present each day...Report Card Pick-up April 7th!



To engage every student in rigorous, well-rounded, instructional activities that promotes critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and effective participation in a holistic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program to succeed in college and career endeavors as lifelong learners.



“I cannot lead this school without all staff members at MJES.  The teachers cannot teach without all students.  The students cannot learn without a parent/guardian.  We cannot transform Mahalia Jackson Elementary School without YOU!”
~ Mr. Robert Hubbird

Open enrollment for ALL, particularly Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Autistic students!

Soundtrack:  ”Strive” written & produced by Michael Ryden.   Click here to listen.

2013 Black & White Ball

2013 CCAP Showcase Video – Digital Media Class – with artistic instructor Michael Ryden

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