To engage every student in rigorous, well-rounded, instructional activities that promote critical thinking, complex problem-solving and effective participation in a holistic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program to succeed in college and career endeavors as lifelong learners.


Mahalia Jackson is a school where students develop a positive sense of self and others. We empower our students to collaborate, own their learning, and acquire a growth mindset in order to persevere through academic and social challenges. Our students are supported and inspired by a community of adults that possess the habits of reflection, compassion, perseverance, and collaboration in order to continuously improve their professional practice. We acknowledge that our school’s, student’s and community’s success will be dependent upon our partnership and ability to work together for the betterment and future of our students.

Ms. Redmond
A Message from our Principal :
Dear MJES Students and Families,

I am honored and proud to have the opportunity to serve Mahalia Jackson Elementary School as your new Interim School Principal. Transitioning into the role of Principal brings an excitement to be a part of the community and to work with our stakeholders as we continuously progress toward meeting our students’ needs. We have much work ahead of us if we are going to deliver the excellent education that your children deserve.

I want to emphasize my focus on ensuring strong systems of support for all our students as well as ensuring that we have a safe and nurturing learning environment. My commitment to education and to our students will be unwavering and steadfast. I look forward to being your partner in education and helping to fulfill the hopes and dreams of our school.

Principal Tracey Redmond